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Visibility, Savings and Control of Ground Transportation for Meetings.

Now part of Lanyon’s Smart Events Cloud®

The SMART way to meet

Pow Wow Smart®, together with miRide®, its mobile application for chauffeur-driven rides for businesses and professionals, has pioneered the advancement of technology and data aggregation for ground transportation.

Process & Workflow Efficiency

  • Savings of 30%
  • Improved Attendee Experience
  • Direct Relationships with locally owned ground companies

Patented Technology

Manages a detailed, cumbersome process flawlessly.

Transportation Marketplace

Connects you with reputable, proven companies who own their own vehicles.

Professional Services and Account Management

Innovative SMART technology and responsive team support, for results against goals.

Solution Features

Process Improvements

Manifest management, patented bulk check flight validation, error reductions and optimal vehicle utilization. Aggregate the data and support your spend management initiatives.

Anticipated Savings

Our case studies show 30% and more is possible by sourcing through our marketplace, eliminating errors in manifests, and improving vehicle utilization.

RFP Sourcing

Fast, easy and connected to companies that own their own vehicles.

Professional Services

Our team of industry professionals handle the sourcing and contracting, or the entire operation for event transportation. Including contracting, reconciling invoices and closing out events and payments.

Turn Key Solution

Combining our technology with professional sourcing and services can optimize your savings and take full responsibility for delivering a very detailed operation.

Best Ground Transportation Vendors

Our marketplace members are vetted, licensed and insured, and have proven success records.

Spend Management Programs

Tracking the data for both sourcing and operations, our solution gives your SMM program a big lift.


Mobile, on-demand chauffeur-driven application/service for businesses and professionals, to schedule individual rides via black cars with licensed and insured drivers to support your events.

Connected to Lanyon’s Smart Events Cloud

Planners can now include ground transportation with the leading event and travel software platform in the world.

Pow Wow Smart is a leading provider of turn-key solutions and data aggregation for ground transportation.

Our patented technology improves the process of mapping manifests to vehicle utilization, eliminates errors, and saves time & money by creating a direct relationship with reputable companies that own the rubber and steel.

We source and contract the best companies and rates in all markets, provide manifest list management, coordination of all services, and we reconcile billings that generate reports to enable your spend management strategies in this category.

Pow Wow Smart gets it done. Guaranteed.